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The internet has changed the world. A thief is no longer required to hold a bank at gunpoint to loot money. They can connect
In this constantly developing world, along with technology, even accounting has made its headway! And that’s certainly partly down to the creation of outstanding
Running your own limited company can have some serious tax advantages compared to working as a sole-trader or being in employment. However, having to
Nobody enjoys paying taxes, right? Well, that may be so, but unless you’re happy to see yourself behind bars for many years, you’ve got
Bank Accounts We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a separate bank account for your business. It simplifies so many things
HMRC Investigation – Those are two words that fill most people with dread, even if you do everything in your power to follow the
The right accountant will become a trusted partner of whom you can depend on, who can offer the best advice and guide you past
In this increasingly competitive world, there are lot of entrepreneurs who succeed, but along with that comes a lot of entrepreneurs that fail too.
Do you picture accountants as stern, pen-wielding, suit wearing people who get all their kicks from crunching numbers? Perhaps you think they aren’t too
Similar to the Holy Bible, the UK’s Company Law too has got its new testament. As per ‘the new regulations’, small companies have been
Starting your own business certainly seems like a glamorous idea to begin with but making it a reality is much more difficult than conjuring
Starting a small business comes with both its ups and downs and it certainly isn’t the greatest career path for the faint hearted. Truth
If you’re an entrepreneur who is struggling to cope with marketing your brand and staying ahead with the latest business trends, then 2018 is
Accounting is an essential part of any business, and book-keeping mistakes can sometimes cost your business a huge amount, so it’s best to ensure
We all have a vision – a passion, for which we live. The excitement of planning your business can bring an overwhelming buzz to
There are many ways an accountant can help you and your small business, probably most of which you’re not even all that aware of.
Sometimes, running your own business and being the last point of call in the hierarchy can come with some daunting responsibilities, and that includes
Businesses are functioning in an environment that is constantly changing and rapidly developing and each one of them are fighting to stay afloat in
You have a vehicle and you use it for work, which is why you want to put it under the expenses incurred for your
There are many taxes involved in a business and VAT on vehicles is one of them. The reclaiming of VAT on motoring expenses is
Small businesses, especially start-ups prefer to hire self-employed workers instead of permanent employees. This is mainly because they can save a lot when it

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