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Everyone wants to pay the least amount of tax possible, we’ll advise you on legitimate ways to reduce your tax bill and improve your cash flows.

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Years of experience have shown us how to produce accounts and tax work that won’t attract unwanted attention from the tax authorities.

Understanding your finances

We have simple ways to help you understand what’s going on with your finances, our goal is to give you the peace of mind you need.

Supporting your family

We’ll make sure your family is tax efficient, that you’re claiming the right benefits and support you when applying for a mortgage.

Free accounting software

All of our services come with free accounting software, extensive training and unlimited support to help you get the most out of it.

Easy monthly payments

No more dreading the accountants bill at the end of the year, our affordable monthly payments mean you’re always covered.

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Can directors be furloughed?

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Government support for Coronavirus

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Who are Northants Accounting?

Talk to any business owner and they’ll tell you that starting a business is one of the finest decisions they’ve ever made. At Northants Accounting, we work on a principle that communication is one of the key elements for the success of any business and we love being involved in the work that helps a business to grow. Only when we’ve fully understood our customers can we do our job correctly, this involves putting faces to names and understanding the issues within the organisation. Only then can we use this knowledge to find tailored solutions to tax planning, cash flow management and identification of new opportunities. Our aim is to provide, not only standalone accountancy services, but to work with our customers to find a solution that integrates all aspects of accounting, tax and finance management to ensure everything is covered, even things that they hadn’t thought of before. Our expertise lies in our ability to adapt quickly in our client’s sectors and having a forward thinking, proactive outlook in the way we work makes us the ideal choice for businesses who are up and coming or looking to grow in and around the Northampton area. To find out more on what we can do for you, contact us.

Accountancy & Tax Services
We help a variety of businesses in and around Northampton with their day-to-day dealings with HMRC and Companies house by offering various levels of support depending on the needs of the business. This is where working with accountants like Northants Accounting comes in. Apart from helping you understand how you made and spent your money it is important to ensure that your accounts look normal and there are no anomalies. A company’s books should break down income and expenses into detailed areas of expenditure, this way they can be compared to previous years and can help to understand any big differences. For more on our accountancy and tax services, contact us today.
Value Added Tax is a key area that impacts the incomings of a business and it can be an awfully difficult process if things go wrong – so it is vital to work with accountants like us, so we can look past today and focus on the future. One of the key problems with VAT is that people are often unaware of the point where turnover goes beyond the registration threshold and they are required to register. We work closely with our clients in and around the Northampton area and we talk in depth about their growth strategies and future options, this way they can be registered and de-registered when needed. We offer VAT returns as part of our services where we deal with filing the returns on time and this can really help our clients as its one less deadline they need to worry about, and that’s not something that could be underestimated. Struggling with VAT? Contact us.
Tax Advice
Tax advice and planning isn’t a service that is normally billed for, but it is probably one of the most important parts of why it is crucial for a business to hire accountants like us, rather than attempting to do it themselves. Good accountants help reduce tax bills by claiming expenses that they are legally entitled to and will help you avoid trouble with HMRC by ensuring that all your accounts are up to scratch. For more on our Northamptonshire Tax Advice contact us.
Tax Returns
Most businesses and some individuals require these to inform HMRC how much money they have accrued over the course of the year and what taxes are due. Although tax returns have a standard form layout, which gives you the opportunity to attach evidence and notes to further explain your accounts. In the eventuality that an anomaly is discovered it is important to use the opportunity to explain why and potentially avoid a tax investigation. Tax returns have different submission deadlines depending on the kind of sector the business is operating in. But these are generally done online nowadays for quicker results and peace of mind. Our role in this process is to ensure that the return is correct and filed within the time constraints provided by HRMC. For help with Tax Returns contact us to set up an initial consultation meeting.
Bookkeeping is often something that small businesses often deal with themselves to keep overheads down. This is one of the most important aspects of a business’s organisational structure as it can protect a business should HRMC begin an investigation. We provide two options for bookkeeping for our clients Northamptonshire wide, we can either provide a full service or we can work closely with our client to choose a suitable system tailored to how they work. Need help with bookkeeping? Contact us now to set up an initial consultation meeting.
Business Plans
The development of a strong business plan is a key component of being a small business owner and is more often than not, the back bone of success. Any strong business plan will look into finances, marketing, sales, customer service, purchasing and operations, but these are just one dimensional ideas, in order to be successful, it requires work to make them more three dimensional and scalable. This will help you consider how all of these areas overlap and work in tandem, and by knowing this you are able to plug holes before they become a big issue. Northants Accounting work with an extensive range of clients around Northampton and the surrounding areas and our systematic and forward thinking approach continues to be the difference and enables us to take our services beyond the reach of our competitors. If you need help with a business plan contact us now to set up a consultation.
Why Do We Do it?
At Northants Accounting we take the time to understand what our clients want to achieve from their businesses. This often includes assessing things like their family situations so we can delve even deeper and plan how we can extract even more from the business. We believe in promoting businesses that are doing something different and are keen to grow within their industry, so if this sounds like you then Northants Accounting could be the solution you’ve been searching for. To speak to us about why we do what we do, contact us now to set up an initial consultation meeting.
Why Northants Accounting?
We use our knowledge and expertise to adapt to the changes in our client’s organisations and having this proactive and forward thinking outlook in the way we work means we are the best accountants for small businesses that are keen to try out something new and fresh in their sector and require some support whilst they expand. It doesn’t matter to us what your sector is; we work with people in numerous sectors, in fact if you’re doing something that can help you stand out from the crowd or you simply need help to grow your business, then look no further. If this is something that appeals to you, contact us now to set up an initial consultation meeting.
Is it important to have my accountant near me?

The majority of our clients are based in Northamptonshire, although being local is not essential, having your chosen accountancy firm near you means that when required we can easily meet face to face, sometimes this makes tackling more complex subjects more straightforward.

What types and sizes of business do we work with?

We have clients of all types, industries and sizes ranging from startups to larger well established firms. Many of our clients are family run limited business, we know how best to support these types of business making sure both their business and personal taxes are managed appropriately.

Accountancy & Tax Services

We’ll take care of everything relating to HMRC and Companies House.

Business Start-up Services

Comprehensive support available from writing a business plan to the start of trading.

Planning for Success

Business Forecasting, Management Accounts, Pricing and Profitability Reviews.