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Sometimes, running your own business and being the last point of call in the hierarchy can come with some daunting responsibilities, and that includes
Businesses are functioning in an environment that is constantly changing and rapidly developing and each one of them are fighting to stay afloat in
You have a vehicle and you use it for work, which is why you want to put it under the expenses incurred for your
There are many taxes involved in a business and VAT on vehicles is one of them. The reclaiming of VAT on motoring expenses is
Small businesses, especially start-ups prefer to hire self-employed workers instead of permanent employees. This is mainly because they can save a lot when it
In the present economic conditions, it is quite obvious for businesses to be lured to take on self-employed workers instead of hiring people as
As an employee you are bound to incur work-related expenses at some point, be it for travel or for training. Your employer may or
Do you know that the expenses you incur while performing your job responsibilities are tax deductible? If you didn’t well, now you do and
The thought of registering your business for VAT may have crossed your mind even though you haven’t reached the VAT threshold. Chances are ‘this
Are you having sleepless nights pondering over the new “Flat Rate VAT Scheme” and how it could affect your business? You need not fret
If your small business has moved past the initial start-up phase and is now a lucrative venture, then congratulations! As a small business owner
I am Nishi Patel, the founder of Northants Accounting – a business primarily focused on improving profitability of small businesses and staying true to
The festive season is almost here and it’s time for employees to get rewarded for their hard work. Corporate events, such as Christmas parties
Come celebrations and the tax system does do you a few favours. With winter already working its wonder and the much awaited Christmas celebrations
There are a number of key problems with giving away freebies. During the initial stages of your business, it can be quite tempting to
Part 1 Ever wondered why businesses think that it’s an exceptional idea to give away freebies? Presenting freebies to customers isn’t any form of
For any business, the importance of accurate figures cannot be underestimated. The numbers revealed through these figures play an important role in making decisions,
Setting of business goals and objectives is integral to the success of any business. To ensure that your business grows constantly, you will need
In today’s business world, competition is everywhere, even for most unique of companies and in the battle of acquiring more customers, firms will use
If you invest in your limited company, there are two ways that you can make money out of it. It can increase in value,
There is no doubt about it, taxes give us all a hard time. It is a process that we are more than happy to

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