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As an employee you are bound to incur work-related expenses at some point, be it for travel or for training. Your employer may or
If your small business has moved past the initial start-up phase and is now a lucrative venture, then congratulations! As a small business owner
I am Nishi Patel, the founder of Northants Accounting – a business primarily focused on improving profitability of small businesses and staying true to
Come celebrations and the tax system does do you a few favours. With winter already working its wonder and the much awaited Christmas celebrations
There are a number of key problems with giving away freebies. During the initial stages of your business, it can be quite tempting to
If you invest in your limited company, there are two ways that you can make money out of it. It can increase in value,
The snap election earlier this year in the UK may not have brought great news for Theresa May but it has sure brought smiles

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