Hi everyone, this is Nishi Patel from N-Accounting. Hope you’re having a great day and I wanted to talk about today’s video, which is why you’re the only person who can decide whether your customer is a good customer, or if they’re a bad customer. So, I genuinely believe when you start working with a customer, all customers are equal. I’m sure if you didn’t believe that, you’ve never taken a bad customer on, or someone you perceive to be a bad customer on, in the first place. So at the very point they sign up to your service, all customers must be equal. That is my reasoning.

So what, then, I can deduce from that is, beyond the first few seconds they’ve been a client, you’re the person that positions them in a way to be a good client or a bad client, and this is something I’ve observed from our own firm and it’s all about how we interact with our customers from the very beginning, which sets a tone for how they believe the relationship will run for the rest of the time they’re a customer.

So I just wanted to talk some of the things like we’ve done in the past, which resulted in us achieving bad customers and some of the things that we’ve done in the past, where we’ve managed to turn people into good customers. So one thing that has always led to us working with a bad customer is because, when people are disorganized at the beginning, that’s if a customer thinks it’s okay to just miss meetings that we scheduled in, if they think it’s okay not to pay us on time, if they think it’s okay to send us incorrect and messy information, and we don’t do anything about that, then what that does is the next time we ask for that information or schedule a meeting, the customer then thinks it’s okay to do the exact same thing. So what we’ve then done is we’ve created a pattern, a repeating pattern in that customer’s mind where they think they can treat us in a certain way. And then one day we turn around and say “well this customer is so difficult to deal with. They are bad customer.”

So one of the things we’ve done where we create really good customers on the other hand is where we’ve worked with them at the very beginning. We’ve helped them understand and created expectations. We’ve been really clear about what their responsibilities are, what our responsibilities are. We’ve been really clear of the best way to communicate with us and timeframes for responding to them. Then what that’s done is it’s created a positive expectation and then, what we found over the years, is those customers, where we continue to work with them in that way, they end up being good customers. We end up achieving a lot more together as a team for that customer and then our relationship with the customer becomes a lot more productive as well because we get really basic bits out of the way and then we can focus on more advanced stuff.

I’ve never really thought about it this way until I was talking to a coach a little while ago, but this idea of positioning yourself and training your customers from day one to either be good or bad is so important because ultimately when you sign a customer, all customers are equal even.

So what I’d like just offer today is if anyone’s got issues like this and also finance issues as well, then we offer a completely free strategy session where we talk about how we can support your businesses, your accountants and obviously, as a business owner myself, I’ve got years of experience to actually apply to you and to our customers. So if you want to find out a bit more about that strategy session, then get in touch and we’ll get you booked in.

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