How to work out your business’s vision statement

Hi everyone, I’m Nishi Patel from Northants Accounting. We provide accounting services to small businesses. So today’s video, what I wanted to do is talk to you in a bit more detail about the vision I’ve got for my business, and where I see it five years down the line.

So as someone who regularly updates my business plan, I can tell you that working on the vision statement is probably one of the hardest bits of that plan. Not because I don’t have any imagination, but just trying to put your finger exactly on what your business will look like five years down the line, and what that means for your customers, is never the easiest thing to do.

What I’d like to do is maybe just start off in terms of talking about what I enjoy doing the most and what I find the most rewarding. And that leads into what, the vision for my business will actually look like, because I wanna focus on the bits I enjoy doing more than anything.

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For me the most rewarding thing I can do in this business is to work with business owners who have got young families and help them take home more of what they earned by saving tax, but also doing it in a way that is safe, and will actually let them sleep at night.

One of the other things, as well, because I’ve got my own young family, I’ve realized that the most precious thing that you have is the time with your children, so for me it’s about finding routine tasks and finding quicker, easier ways to get those routine tasks done, and then the time we’ve got leftover, we can actually spend on meaningful conversations about how to make our clients’ businesses and finances healthier, and help them grow to the next level, so they can actually hit their own vision over time.

For me, a vision isn’t just a statement we make, and say this is what we’re gonna look like in five years time. The most important thing about having a vision is working day after day to actually get there. So for me, what that means is I’m continuously researching new tax techniques, and new tax procedures, as well as looking at existing software and new software, and making sure were using it to the best ability, and seeing what else is out there in the market for us to actually introduce our clients to. What it also means is recognizing we can’t do everything ourselves, so I’ve worked hard to build a network of trusted advisors who we bring in to support our clients when they need it.

What you’ll see from Northants Accounting five years down the line, is a market leader in small business tax, in family tax planning, in supporting people with our accounting software, and in general, communicating effectively with clients.

If you want to be a part of that journey and benefit from all those features, then please get in touch today, and I’d be happy to talk about it.

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