Hi, everyone. It’s Nishi Patel at N-Accounting. I hope you’re having a great day. Today I wanted to talk to you about a brand new guide we’ve written. It’s called Five Reasons Your Business is Haemorrhaging Cash and How to Fix Them. So the reason I wrote this guide is because over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of businesses make the same mistakes and I wanted to write this guide to point out the five most common ones when it comes to cash flow and point out the simple solutions to fixing it. So what this guide will do is help you understand the reasons why you’re not taking home enough money from your business. It’ll help you understand the reasons why you’re not getting a good deal on the overheads in your business. And it’ll also help you understand why your customers aren’t paying you enough.

So if any of those things apply to your business, then I’d really recommend you download this guide. It’s not a very long read, but it’s completely free to download. I’ll include the link at the bottom of this video. So download this guide, go through it. Let me know what you thought. I’d love to hear from you. And I’d love to talk to you about the future of your business.

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