Does your business ever run out of momentum?

A long time ago when I was in the army reserve I was part of a training exercise at Copehill Down, a village built on Salisbury plain specifically designed to train soldiers on how to fight in built up areas (FIBUA).

Something one of the instructors said has stuck in my mind all these years and that was “This is an environment in which a military offensive is most likely to grind to a halt, every soldier regardless of whether they are a private, sergeant, lieutenant colonel needs to look around and see what they can do within their power to keep the momentum going”

This might be an odd way to start an accountant’s blog but I’ve often drawn similarities between running a business and a military offensive. For example everyone has lots of enthusiasm and energy on day one but how will they perform when they are six months in and tired after working so hard?

The momentum in a business is what drives it to do great things and creates the opportunities, it can involve following up on leads, getting out the door to do some networking or it could even include some team building to improve morale within a workforce. Whatever the activity one thing is certain and that is you will always have clients to look after at the same time.

Unfortunately one of the common themes I hear from most business owners I speak to is the cycle of feast and famine they are continuously involved in. They often don’t have time to conduct marketing activities because they’re too busy, but then the work dries up because they haven’t conducted the marketing.

Most people would agree that this isn’t a healthy way to run a business in terms quality of life for the entrepreneur or for maintaining the quality of the work produced and managing the costs involved. The first step in dealing with this issue is often to understand when a business is slipping into the cycle again and either take steps to manage the workload or get the right professionals involved to help remove some of the strain.

Outsourcing is often the key to maintaining the momentum in a business and during networking sessions I meet many outstanding professionals out there who will take the time to understand the values and objectives within an organisation and then provide a tailored solution for them. As well as this I also make sure that I have one development day every week where I work on my business regardless of how much client work I have to do.

To me the key to maintaining momentum in Northants Accounting is about focussing on why I started my accountancy business in Northampton and what I want to achieve from it and then continuously reminding myself of that. It’s amazing how many opportunities hide in plain sight and only become noticeable when you’re thinking about your goals.

So for anyone reading this blog then don’t be afraid to step out of your business for a day and think about how it will be doing in 3 months’ time and if there are any actions you can take now to influence that.

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