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Is it a ‘Need to’ or ‘knee jerk’ reaction?

Surviving a sudden financial crisis in your business. As the recent problems surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have demonstrated, it is simply not possible to allow for all eventualities in a business. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and beyond any reasonable expectations. We can do our best to allow for change, we can

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A warning to the next generation of British business legends

You need your accountants to be just as ambitious as you We salute Britain’s one-man bands, contractors, and freelancers – but we’re not the right accountant for you. We’re an accountancy practice specialising in working with growing companies: • with turnovers of between £100,000 and £2m• interested in becoming a real brand in their sector•

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Tackling Covid-19 Through a Revamped Supply-Chain

The ongoing public health crisis posed by Covid-19 has emerged as a once-in-a-generation pandemic, upending all aspects of routine life, including the way we conduct business. Most countries around the world remain under a state of lockdown with strict restrictions on the movement of goods and people alike, albeit to varying degrees. Consequently, the pandemic

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Working with the new normal

Some thoughts on how to work with off-site employees 2020 was the most unusual start to the business year in living memory and it has changed our view on the workplace. We expect one of the biggest changes in working life to be the spread of remote working as an accepted practice. What that means

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Adventures in the new normal

Options for opening a new business post-lockdown. If I am being honest, I am getting a little tired of hearing about ‘the new normal’. It such an empty and nebulous phrase that I suspect what it actually means is ‘whatever it is that comes next’ rather than any specific meaning. What comes next, whatever that

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Can directors be furloughed?

I just wanted to follow up from my previous posts to provide some clarity on directors who wish to apply for the employee retention scheme.   Can directors be furloughed? The answer to this question in my opinion is yes, they can.   Why? Directors are office holders who are responsible for the direction and

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Not Today Covid19 Sign On Wooden Stool

Coronavirus Small Business, Your questions answered

I’m just writing to give you an update on the new measures announced by the chancellor this afternoon and pre-empt some of your questions:   Am I self-employed? Firstly, if you work through your own limited company as a director and shareholder, you ‘re not self-employed. Technically you’re an office holder, employee and investor which

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Not Today Covid19 Sign On Wooden Stool

Government support for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Who is it for: All businesses Who will it help: Employees & Directors who can’t work because of coronavirus, earning up to £2,500 a month. What we know: It’s a government scheme designed to encourage business owners to retain staff during periods of inactivity. It covers 80% of an employee’s salary,

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accounting for retailers

5 Essential Accounting Practices For Online Retailers

Starting a retail store online is an exciting venture for most business owners, mainly because it helps you reach a vast niche audience while keeping your physical footprint and cost attached with it incredibly low. The ease that digital technologies have provided to start an online store with options like Facebook marketplace, Shopify, Amazon, eBay

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accountancy trends for businesses

5 Expected Accountancy Trends To Take Place In 2020

Northampton, ranked as the top town to start a business in the UK, provides a very favourable environment for businesses to strive and grow. If you’re an avid reader of my blogs you’d know by now how important it is for businesses to stay on top of accounting and finance side of the business to

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Accounting Software For Small Businesses

5 Accounting Software That Work Best For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you might usually find yourself juggling between various business responsibilities and day to day operations. In such a busy schedule, most small business owners don’t want to spend their valuable time worrying about the financial side of the business. As important as crunching numbers is, business owners want to invest

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business savings ideas

9 Savings You Can’t Afford To Make When Running A Business

    9 SAVINGS YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MAKE WHEN RUNNING A BUSINESS   When you think of starting a business, you calculate the capital required for obvious expenses like premises, inventory, salaries, marketing etc. However, many business owners fail to identify some other essential, unavoidable costs. Which is one of the reasons why a

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business pricing strategy

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Get Your Pricing Strategy Wrong

Pricing strategy of your business has a significant impact on the buying behaviour of your customers. Pricing strategy doesn’t only revolve around the price that you will charge your customers for the product/ service you offer but also how that price will shape your marketing strategy. Pricing offers basic overviews of your company, showing that

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Start a business without investing money

10 Hacks to Starting a Business without Any Money

“If only I had enough money, I’d quit my unsatisfying job and start my own business” I’ve heard this sentence multiple times from colleagues, grad students, people in their first jobs and even total strangers. If you hear carefully, you’d notice that lack of money isn’t the main problem. The real problem is an unrealistic

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Affordable Accounting Software

The Best Accounting Software UK Small Businesses Can Afford in 2019

Today, accounting software is indispensable in many trades.  Even if you are a freelancer or one of the accountancy firms in Northampton providing a service they are essential, especially if you work with clients online. Aside from assisting you with simple bookkeeping entries, the program will also help you when it comes to computing your billings, expenses,

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Small Business Challenges

5 Things That Can Make Running A Small Business Less Challenging!

Running a business is hard and running a successful business is even harder. It can, however, be simplified and made easier if you invest sufficient time in research and planning before you move towards execution.  A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of taking a blind start without a proper cost, market and audience analysis

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5 tips to supercharge your business!

5 tips to supercharge your business

5 tips to supercharge your business! Achievement, success and innovation are terms we associate with entrepreneurship, but the other side of the picture that is carved with hard work, challenges & even failure is often ignored. It is a well-known fact that only fifty per cent of the businesses survive the first 5 years.  Twenty

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