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Making Tax Digital – Part 1

Making Tax Digital, sounds like three simple words which can turn the tables when it comes to small businesses owners and self-employed people. Government-level plans to make tax digital means that the accounting records of all authentic firms are required to be stored electronically. According to the government, The ‘Making Tax Digital’ plan is deliberated

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5 Accounting Tips for Online Retailers

A website or an online store is a wonderful opportunity for business owners to take advantage of the increase in web users. An online retail store can help you reach a vast audience and you are no more limited by your brick and mortar store. The physical footprint and cost of an online store is

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Taxes Made Simple

Taxes give us all a headache. They are best left to the experts. Taxes can get complicated and you do not want anything going wrong, should the tax man come knocking. Calculating your taxes is complicated and to top it off there are various types of taxes. While you should be liaising with a tax

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FAQs About Accountants

When your finances are not making sense, and there is more money leaving the bank than coming in, many people will recommend hiring an accountant. Is that why you need an accountant? To keep your finances in order?  Is there more to accountancy than punching in numbers? Can you do it yourself?? There are a

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9 Strategies to Market Your Small Business

Establishing ourselves as accountants in Milton Keynes has not been easy. Far from it, in fact. We have had to rely on marketing and advertising to bring our business to our prospects. While we have played trial and error with many marketing techniques, there are some that we swear by that have helped us reach

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9 Costs you Cannot Avoid While Running a Business

Most businesses are started without proper financial planning. While you might factor in the expenses for your premises, employee salaries, advertising and warehousing, many essential costs are often not considered. While running a business, when these unavoidable expenses turn up, they can cause a huge dent in your cash flow and working capital. 45% of

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Ways an Accountant Can Help You and Your Business

You might not be aware, but an accountant can help you and your business in multiple ways. Multiple life changing ways. Regardless of having a big or small business, having an accountant is not just about taxes and bookkeeping. Accountants can be an important part of your financial team, and help you navigate all the important

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December 2020 Newsletter

The recent spending review had us all holding our breath for some bad news. While it contained some disappointments for some, overall, it was a bit of a damp squib with few of the feared consequences of Covid-19 support appearing. The spending review actually has little impact on business directly in many cases, but it does have an indirect one in other areas. So, it’s probably worth a quick review to see what we can take away from it.

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Form P87 – Why Every Employee Needs to Understand it

In a nutshell, form P87 is all about how to claim for some the costs of employment. The chances are that at some point this year you will have incurred some form of work-related expenses. We all tend to have them, and in our experience we all tend to ignore them at times. It’s easy

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Keeping the Sun Shining on Your Business Over the Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and we are all thinking of heading off to enjoy it. While there is a lot to do here in Milton Keynes, after the lockdown and then the rush to get things going again, I suspect most of us will want a few days away. While we are the first to

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Credit control is vital

Why credit control should be at the top of your agenda right now

Getting back to Business It’s great to be able to stroll around Northampton centre and see the market buzzing again, people are flowing in and out of shops, the offices are occupied and overall, things seem to be getting back to normal. Well, perhaps not back to normal, but at least heading in that direction.

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