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Making VAT Work Effectively

Making VAT work for you Value Added Tax VAT in the UK is a sales-based tax, which is designed to target the end consumers and non-VAT registered businesses. VAT registered businesses are required to charge their customers VAT on their sales (usually 20%) and pay it over to HMRC. They will also be entitled to

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Advantages of Accounting Software

In a vlog we published a few weeks ago, Making Tax Digital – part 3 we talked about how important accountancy software is going to be when HMRC brings in the new Making Tax Digital System. In this week’s Vlog we go into that in a bit more detail. There are quite a few different

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HMRC Don’t Always Get It Right

HMRC Don’t Always Get It Right In this weeks’ video blog, we talk about a concept you may not be aware of, which is that HMRC don’t always get it right! Sometimes they make mistakes, and when that happens it can ruin peoples’ lives, possibly even resulting in them losing their homes. It’s worth knowing

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