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The other day I was just thinking back to some of my first experiences marketing my business, I’d sometimes have weeks where I had
I’ve spent a large part of my career using information to run a business or helping other people to run a business by supplying
Over the last few months I’ve come across several business owners who are aware of the R&D tax credit scheme but don’t think in
Have you ever noticed how one accountant might have certain letters after their name and another offering the same services might have completely different
This a question that comes up quite frequently with new business owners and with more money going out than in, trying to keep control
You’re a growing business, you’ve just brought in that big contract and you’re well on your way to joining the elite of the business
I’ve been working with retailers of all shapes and sizes for many years now and that has given me a unique insight into the
Ever heard the phrase “beware the fury of a patient man”? Well after helping a couple of new clients who had fallen foul of
Hindsight can be as useful as it is pointless, after all how else would you know to look ahead in your business if you
A long time ago when I was in the army reserve I was part of a training exercise at Copehill Down, a village built
I’ve come across so many people in business who say that their customers are completely satisfied with their service but are still reluctant to
Many people will have heard of the concept of a business person employing members of their family in order to use up personal tax
I’ve come across many accountancy professionals over the years and after asking them what they do I sometimes get the response “I’m an Accountant”.
Unless you’ve just arrived in this country you may have noticed how much exposure the topic of tax avoidance is getting at the moment.
Some of you may have read a recent issue of the Northants Business magazine which quoted a survey stating that Northampton was the 3rd
The world of tax can be incredibly complicated and even the most insignificant of activities like receiving interest from savings or letting out a
I’m not sure exactly how many people out there mix these concepts up but I’ve definitely come across a few people who don’t understand
All business owners will at some time or the other during their careers be faced with a customer or client who has accepted services
One of the best things about the New Year for a small business owner is that it’s a fresh start and an opportunity to
I’d like to start of saying the 3 out of 5 new businesses failing is a statistic I’ve read in an article, but have
As you may be aware the autumn statement released by the chancellor has introduced a few changes to the tax regime, but what does

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