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Paying Yourself From Your Business Funds

If your small business has moved past the initial start-up phase and is now a lucrative venture, then congratulations! As a small business owner myself, I understand how tasking it is to keep your business up and running....

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The Three Things We Believe In

  I am Nishi Patel, the founder of Northants Accounting - a business primarily focused on improving profitability of small businesses and staying true to its core values. Once I started out, there was no turning back...

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How To Have A Merry Corporate Christmas

Come celebrations and the tax system does do you a few favours. With winter already working its wonder and the much awaited Christmas celebrations around the corner, it’s time to give the annual event a thought from a corporate point of...

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Why Free Of Cost Will Cost You

There are a number of key problems with giving away freebies. During the initial stages of your business, it can be quite tempting to provide products and services for free. The assumption behind this is...

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Dealing with Competitors Undercutting Your Prices

In today’s business world, competition is everywhere, even for most unique of companies and in the battle of acquiring more customers, firms will use many strategies to keep their competitors at bay. Increasingly, price is...

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All You Need to Know About Dividend Tax

If you invest in your limited company, there are two ways that you can make money out of it. It can increase in value, meaning you’re able to make a profit out of it by selling it off later. Or as an owner of the...

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