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It is quite easy and favourable for most business owners to make the presence of their business firms known to their potential customers. In
The other Challenge People sometimes take it very lightly and believe that with the help of the measures that the government is taking, the
Making Tax Digital, sounds like three simple words which can turn the tables when it comes to small businesses owners and self-employed people. Government-level
“The new normal”, doesn’t it sound like an empty and meaningless phrase? It almost sounds like what it actually means is “whatever comes next”.
I suppose in some ways company and private car tax benefits took a bit of a backstage position for us all in 2020. For
I guess by the time you read this you will have seen a lot of the ubiquitous ‘predictions for next year’ bogs and social
A website or an online store is a wonderful opportunity for business owners to take advantage of the increase in web users. An online
Taxes give us all a headache. They are best left to the experts. Taxes can get complicated and you do not want anything going
When your finances are not making sense, and there is more money leaving the bank than coming in, many people will recommend hiring an
Establishing ourselves as accountants in Milton Keynes has not been easy. Far from it, in fact. We have had to rely on marketing and
Most businesses are started without proper financial planning. While you might factor in the expenses for your premises, employee salaries, advertising and warehousing, many
You might not be aware, but an accountant can help you and your business in multiple ways. Multiple life changing ways. Regardless of having
The recent spending review had us all holding our breath for some bad news. While it contained some disappointments for some, overall, it was
Christmas is coming and that means the long break and the gradual slide into holiday mindset. It is also, apparently, the time of year
As of writing this we are starting to see people asking about how to respond to the second lockdown. Before we do anything else
In a nutshell, form P87 is all about how to claim for some the costs of employment. The chances are that at some point
Everything seems to be about Covid at the moment so it’s nice to write an article that isn’t directly about the pandemic. Although, in
It’s difficult to talk about IR35 without stirring up a debate. For those of you who are not aware IR35 is all about what
Summer has finally arrived, and we are all thinking of heading off to enjoy it. While there is a lot to do here in

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