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Why is dividend tax so complicated and how does it work?

If you run a limited company you will have the option of taking payment through dividends rather than from a traditional salary, this is often the best choice for directors as dividends can significantly reduce the amount of national insurance you would otherwise pay...

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How much inheritance tax is due on my business when I die?

Business property relief is an asset exclusion when calculating your estate value for the purposes of inheritance tax, it often means that inheritance tax liability is only worked out on the assets left that aren’t part of a trading business. For assets or shares in a...

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How can I make bookkeeping faster and easier?

This is an all too familiar issue effecting many of my clients, what do you do when you are so busy growing your business that the paper work catches up on you but aren't big enough to employ someone to help out. The obvious answer is to hire a bookkeeping service and...

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How do I improve my customer service experience?

Jan Carlzon the ex CEO of Scandinavian Airlines wrote a book called "Moments of Truth" it's about the instances a customer comes into contact with frontline staff in a business and the impression that leaves about the whole organisation. About the Customer Too often I...

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When is the best time to start planning for growth?

I’ve spoken to many entrepreneurs over the years that have a clear idea of what they want to achieve for the future of their business but don’t have the time to make it happen. An early start There are many business owners out there who only think about the next steps...

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Why go limited?

I wanted to give anyone reading this blog an idea of the benefits and drawbacks of turning their sole-trader business into a limited company. Why go limited? Many clients I've spoken to in the past have been unaware of the significant tax advantages available to a...

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