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We live in a world where the range of products available to us and the ability to compare the prices of those products is
Ever asked the question “what’s the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance?” Many people can tell you that one is legal and the
This is a concept that can leave consumers scratching their heads and wondering what these guys have been smoking. I’ll admit there are probably
Northants Accounting have helped a number of business start-ups in Northampton, in many cases we have saved clients money through tax improvements and have created business growth
This guide is based on some of the experiences during my accountancy career in and around Northampton where management information, budgeting and planning have helped
As a firm that was set up from scratch Northants Accounting have had to rely on marketing to initially grow our business, this is
Since the recession in 2007 we have continuously heard that young people in our society suffer the most from a lack of opportunity and
Employers are required to register for PAYE if one or more members of their staff (including directors) meet one or more of the following
Partnerships are formed when two or more people come together to conduct a business activity, in terms of tax there is little difference to
Limited Companies are an alternate form of business structure to Sole Traders and Partnerships, they are very different as they are viewed as a
Christmas for most people can be a time of fun and laughter for the whole family, however if you aren’t careful it can also
As accountants this is a common discussion theme we have with our clients in Northampton. VAT registration can be one of the main obstacles
The IR35 legislation came into effect in April 2000 and is named after the press release that announced it. It’s aimed at preventing people
Sole Trading is generally the easiest type of business available to someone starting out and from HMRC’s perspective the owner is the business and
The dreaded inheritance tax often forms the key component in many tax planning strategies, it is a tax on an estate left to anyone
This relief is available to individuals and some trustees to help off-set a capital gains tax liability on the sale of part or all
If you run a limited company you will have the option of taking payment through dividends rather than from a traditional salary, this is
Business property relief is an asset exclusion when calculating your estate value for the purposes of inheritance tax, it often means that inheritance tax
Some people when reading the title of this blog entry might ask: How can an accountant help me with advertising & marketing? This all
This is an all too familiar issue effecting many of my clients, what do you do when you are so busy growing your business
Jan Carlzon the ex CEO of Scandinavian Airlines wrote a book called “Moments of Truth” it’s about the instances a customer comes into contact

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